Buying a house in Gorton


Historically it's not one of the nicest parts of inner city Manchester. I've never lived there but for 5 years or so I used to work at ICL Gorton. 'ICL' stood for International Computers Limited and was formed in 1968 by the English Socialist Tony Benn. In this photo, the former ICL building is the only thing standing.

Anyway, so what is Gorton like? See here:

There's been a lot of regeneration work gone into Gorton over the last few years and Manchester is trying hard to drive some investment into the area to make it a nicer place to live.

If you do a search on house buying sites such as Zoopla (try this: then you'll notice that many of the houses are new builds with attractive terms for people wishing to buy and arrange a mortgage. Prices start from £199,000 and climb a little higher. You're very unlikely to find a 'des res' in Gorton, the area attracts the low paid and the unpaid but it's something that Manchester is working hard to change.